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Quality Control System

Quality Control System

Our laboratories in Singapore, Shanghai and Shenyang are well-equipped to carry out quality checks on our products at various stages of the production processes. Our quality control equipment include:

  • CAMS – Computer Auto Measuring System
  • CADS – Computer Auto Dispensing System
  • CQMS – Colour Quality Measuring & Control Systems
  • CFS – Colour Formulation Systems
  • Datacolor 800
  • X-rite

Our quality control system entails the following measures:

Supplier Management

For quality control, we adhere strictly to our approved supplier lists and purchase supplies from the approved suppliers. We hold regular meetings with suppliers for continuous improvement in the areas of quality, timeliness of delivery and price.

In-coming Quality Control

All in-coming raw materials are subject to inspections to ensure that they comply with our requirements. They are analysed using computerised systems to determine their purity and quality. Raw materials that do not comply with our requirements are returned to the suppliers and records of these in-coming inspections are maintained to assist us in the evaluation of our suppliers’ performance.

In-process Quality Control

Measures relating to in-process quality control are implemented at various stages of our production processes to ensure that defective products or processes are identified and corrected at an early stage to minimise re-processing. These are typically done through sampling inspections and some of the properties being monitored include pH value, temperature, volume and duration of reaction.

Outgoing Quality Control
Quality Control System Lab2

Sampling tests are conducted on finished products to ensure that only products that conform to our in-house standards are delivered to customers. Our quality standards are comprehensive and include inspection of strength, colour tone, solubility and physical appearance. In the event that the finished products fail any of the outgoing quality control checks, they will be withheld and further analysis will be conducted to investigate the causes for failing the quality checks.



Customer Feedback

We garner feedback through regular meetings with our customers to review our performance and to assist our customers in resolving technical issues they face during their manufacturing processes. These feedback sessions allow us to understand our customers’ needs and enable us to improve our products and processes.

Quality Control System Lab1

Matex provides complete technical services for conducting the trials and demonstration to the customers.

We provide services from colour-matching, technical services to bulk trials.

We also constantly evaluate the market competitor products and compete with technically advantageous products. If required to cater to our customers needs, the R&D team involves to formulation/innovate a desired new product.