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Responsible Care

Responsible Care

Commitment to Responsible Care, as a supporter of the SCIC, Matex is committed to implement the Responsible Care initiative on the basis of the following Guiding Principles so as to ensure a high level of protection for the health & safety of its employees, customers, the public and the environment.

History of Responsible Care
Launched in 1985 in Canada and its ethic and principles quickly spread to many countries. And in 1989, the formation of the International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA), a world-wide body of the chemical industry that representing chemical manufacturers and producers all over the world, has taken the lead in promoting and implementing worldwide Responsible Care® Initiatives.

It is the global chemical industry’s initiative that drives continuous improvement in health, safety and environmental (HSE) performance. Responsible Care is a voluntary initiative under which companies, through their National Associations (SCIC is the National Association for Singapore), work together to continually improve their HSE performance and communicate with stakeholders with open and transparent manner about their products and processes.

Committing to Health, Safety and the Environment
Upholding to Responsible Care guiding principles and implementing relevant codes of practice are conditions to Responsible Care membership for SCIC. Annual submission of key performance indicators and self-evaluation the status of management practice are mandatory programs that SCIC Responsible Care member companies are committed to do. Their efforts help them to safely handle their products from inception in research, through manufacturing, distribution to reuse, recycle and disposal.

Responsible Care Nation Associations
National associations, such as the Singapore Chemical Industry Council (SCIC) in Singapore and many others, sign up to Responsible Care through ICCA for the implementation of Responsible Care in their countries. ICCA acts as the guardian of the Responsible Care initiative. The Responsible Care Leadership Group (RCLG) of ICCA administers national associations globally in monitoring implementation and ensures Responsible Care evolves to address current concerns and issues relating to chemical companies. Each national association runs its own national or regional programme with its member companies. As of 2012, 56 national associations in 62 countries are part of this global initiative.

The Singapore Chemical Industry Council The Singapore Chemical Industry Council (SCIC) adopted Responsible Care in 1990 and through the SCIC Responsible Care Committee , it continues to actively lead the chemical industry in achieving Responsible Care initiatives.

Responsible Care is built around a set of 10 Guiding Principles that commit to the responsible management of chemicals:

  • Recognising and responding to public concerns about chemicals and their production.
  • Developing chemicals that can be safely manufactured, transported, used and disposed of.
  • Making health, safety and the environment a priority for all products and processes.
  • Reporting chemical-related hazards and recommending protective measures to all concerned.
  • Counselling customers on the safe use, transportation and disposal of chemical products.
  • Operating plants and facilities according to health, safety and environmental standards.
  • Conducting and supporting research on the effects of chemical products, processes and waste materials.
  • Co-operating to resolve problems created by past handling and disposal of hazardous substances.
  • Participating in creating responsible laws, regulations and standards to safeguard the community, workplace and environment.
  • Promoting Responsible Care by sharing experiences and assisting others who produce, handle, use, transport or dispose of chemicals.

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