CSR@Matex an initiative to encapsulate our purpose and efforts in all our sustainability activities. It is integral and will reinforce our current workings thereby forming a stronger pillar and key driver of our business excellence growth strategy.

Sustainable development to us means the combination of long-term oriented economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility. Many of our products are good examples of our developments to successfully transfer sustainability and innovation into a competitive portfolio in the marketplace.

Responsible corporate management plays a key role in helping us to run our enterprise, our ability to treat customers, employees, stakeholders, friends, communities at large and the environment in a responsible fashion. Through various activities that can influence education, health and living conditions, etc, improve the socio-economic status and the quality of life of people whom we touch direct and indirectly.

We are committed and assume responsibility for the initiative.

Sustainability is Rewarding

Placing sustainability at the top of our business agenda is not only the right thing to do – it also makes good business sense.

Before words like ‘sustainability’ or ‘green products’ started to catch on, Matex was delivering solutions that provided our customers with stronger profits, consumers with better products and countries with less pollution. We took pride in the fact that our products helped increase raw material efficiency and reduce energy consumption in factories around the world.

Save Cost

For our customers, they save costs and reduce the environmental impact of their production by reducing the need for raw materials, substituting chemicals and improving product quality.

Save Planet

For our planet, we live in a time when resources are becoming scarce, populations and consumption are growing, environmental and climate shifts and food security are growing concerns. Our solutions aims to help the world achieve more efficient use of raw materials, reduce carbon emissions and help build a greener economy. Read More

As a testament, we are one of the pioneers to have successfully introduced bi-functional reactive dyestuff for cellulosic fibres into the PRC and regional markets. When the textile industry was still using largely mono-functional dyes and other traditional chemicals and processes, our technologies helped in improving dyeing quality for our customers and thereby reducing overall production costs, production cycle and labour costs. Today we have further developed poly and multi-functional versions in our proprietary technologies to further enhance the established values.

Up to 10% of our revenue yearly can be earmarked for sustainable practices with an eye towards environment and social upliftment. These current commitments can include from development of raw materials and production processes which generate less waste, technological improvement of waste treatment facilities, recycling of waste materials to ongoing corporate volunteerism, financial support and partnerships with governmental, educational and non-profit organisations. Through these efforts we hope to help address many challenging issues in the communities in which we operate.

Tomorrow, we are most certain that sustainability in business will be even more important for our customers. For today, the fact that our products are successfully more sustainable than traditional processes has become a key part of Matex's ongoing value proposition and reward.