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Subsidiaries & Associate Companies

Matex Holdings Pte Ltd
 atex Holdings

Incorporated 30th September 1989 and listed Singapore Exchange.Matex is a leading manufacturer, supplier and marketer of quality dyestuffs and specialty chemicals, colour measurement and computer aided systems to various global markets such as textile, paper, leather, detergent and polymers industry.

As part of its blueprint, it aims to be a world-class integrated service provider in CLEAN COLOUR SCIENCE TECHNOLOGIES the WORLD seeks, with our Center of Excellence in Singapore for PEOPLE, INNOVATIONS, PRODUCTS, SERVICES, TECHNOLOGIES and SOLUTIONS to our Markets.

Across the years we have been awarded with numerous accolades for our efforts. Matex had been constantly ranked as one of China’s top chemical companies and of recent we were recognized as Singapore Specialty Chemicals Company of the Year for our contributions and achievements.


MatexMega Pte Ltd

Established in June 2023, MatexMega is an advanced spectrometer solution manufacturer located in Taiwan. Patented proprietary technologies include “Microstructure light”, “InGaAs sensor”, “Material Sensing Engine” and others..


 Shanghai Matex Chemicals Co., Ltd (“SMC”)
 Shanghai Matex Chemicals

 Shanghai Matex Chemicals Co., Ltd (“SMC”) was set up in 1993 as a joint venture between our Company, Shanghai Pu Dong Tai Ya (a company owned by the Tang-Zheng Pudong Government Authorities in Shanghai) and Shenyang Research Institute of Chemical Industry (“SRICI”- a wholly owned subsidiary of the Sinochem Group) with interest of 60%, 25% and 15%, respectively. The primary focus of SMC is on the production and sales of reactive dyestuffs for both domestic and export markets. SMC has 12 sales offices servicing customers in Chengdu, Changshu, Changzhou, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Nantong, Ningbo, Qingdao, Shenyang, Shijiazhuang, Wuhan, and Shanghai.


 Dedot Trading Shanghai Co., Ltd.
Dedot Trading Shanghai Co., Ltd. is a licensed trading enterprise incorporated to carry out businesses of manufacturing, importing, exporting, wholesale, retail, dealer, supplier, general merchant, commission agent and sales representative. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Matex and part of the Dedot Group of Companies.
Unimatex Sdn Bhd (“USB”)
 Unimatex Unimatex Sdn Bhd (“USB”) was incorporated 1997 in Malaysia to further enhance our presence in Malaysia. Located in Ipoh, Malaysia, USB serves as our sales agent and distributor for the Malaysia market, servicing more than 60 Malaysian customers. In addition, USB formulates dyestuffs and auxiliaries to cater to our customers with special requirements as well as provides technical services to support them.