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China Sales Network

China Sales Network
万得中国销售分公司 (Matex China Sales Office & Branches)

华东区域 (East Region)
常州 (Changzhou)、常熟 (Changshu)、南通 (Nantong)、杭州 (Hangzhou)、宁波 (Ningbo)

华中区域 (Central Region)
郑州 (Zhengzhou)、武汉 (Wuhan)

华南区域 (South Region)
广州 (Guangzhou)

华北区域 (North Region)
青岛 (Qingdao)、石家庄 (Shijiazhuang)、沈阳 (Shenyang)



拥有一批由理论基础扎实、染料合成、检验、应用经验丰富的染料专业博士、硕士研究生和高级工程师领衔组成的染料开发中心、染料应用服务中心和通过国家级实验室认可的染料检测中心。Read More



最终实现 “创造属于中华民族自己的世界品牌” 这一伟大目标。

Our customers’ requirements are our topmost pursuits that define the
solutions and service we provide.
To consistently deliver quality products that comply with International Standards
shapes our sustainable goals!

With the Matex Group’s vision and mission focused on "Customer Service & Business Excellence", Matex China continues to intensify its dedicated efforts through continuous advanced technological research, improvisation, formulation, innovation with an aspiration to be a leader known for sustainable developments in the dyestuffs and chemical industry. Read More

As a result of our determination, efforts and improvements, we have over the years established unique, extensive, wide reaching sales and service platforms. Based on sustainable values to better serve our global clients as a one stop service solution provider, we help them maximize their economic interests, social contribution and corporate responsibilities to deliver on our promises.

In China, Matex has a professional, experienced and strong technical/commercial team of engineers, who are well versed in Synthesis and Applications Testing based across our Innovation, R&D, Application and National Approved Laboratory accredited testing centres. We have further invested to enlarge and establish state of the art advanced production bases. As a testimonial of its numerous recognitions through the years, Shanghai Matex Chemicals as the founding entity of Matex in China along with the other subsidiaries of the Matex Group in China continue to welcome friends from around the world, enhancing its capabilities and strengths to be a valued partner.

Matex China continues to advance our development of e-concepts, eco-friendly production, efficiencies and make commercial viable energy-saving products coupled with excellent product quality and services to meet the ever stringent needs and expectations of the industry. We also continue to build on our network of long term win-win strategic partnerships, confidence and trust with our customers, employees and stakeholders.

With an ultimate aim to strive, achieve and realize a most meaningful goal to be "A Global Top Asian Brand that the World continuously seeks For"!