Do the Right Thing & Do it Right!

Do The Right Thing

Amidst tighter labour markets and increases in cost, Matex very well understands the need for a supportive work environment to attract, retain and motivate talents who are looking beyond the pay package, but for greater work flexibility to fulfill both their work and family aspirations. Globalisation, technological change and changing family structures are redefining the way organizations have to engage their employees.

Matex continues to review and update its own Employee Handbook, which is in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, details our people’ rights and resources within the organization. All staff are invited to give valued suggestions and once approved can be adopted as part of the Code of Conduct in the handbook.


The Code includes guidelines related to professional ethics, best management practices as well as other clauses that aim to protect our people and external parties in the conduct of daily operations.

The Company revisits this document on a progressive basis, to ensure that it follows the organization’s growth path, reflects encountered experiences and issues and contains timely and accurate provisions for the protection of its stakeholders along with the changing times.

The group has pledged its commitment to implement fair and merit-based employment practices as it makes good business sense and is also the right thing to do. It enables the group to have

Access to Wider Talent Pool

Finding the right people with right skills and ability is essential. By hiring fairly and based on merit, Matex is assured that it can have access to the widest pool of candidates. This is especially important as there is a growing need to tap on older workers and women.

Increased Productivity and Our people Retention

When the group attracts, retains and develops it’s people based on merit, ie ability and skill rather than age, gender, or skin colour, it ensures that the best available person can get the job. In this way, it maximises the abilities and potential of our staff as well as help to raise their morale and reduce turnover. In a long run it ensures that the group amasses a large group of loyal human capital and valued assets.

Innovation and Tapping into New Markets

By adopting fair employment practices, Matex can find it better able to attract talent from different backgrounds, leading to the formation of a diverse workforce. A diverse workforce is beneficial to increasing innovation and creativity within the organisation, resulting in new ideas, new products and different ways of doing things.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Having a diverse workforce comprising different background such as age, gender and race will help the organisation better understand the needs of the different customers and market segments.

Deployment Flexibility

Having a diverse workforce has its advantage especially during festive and holiday periods where the organisation is able to minimise scheduling conflicts. By employing people from diverse ethnicities, the group will have more flexibility in maintaining the right our people levels during the different festive holidays.

Be a Organization of Choice

The organisation can gain a reputation for embracing fair employment practices will find it easier to attract and recruit its people. It will also enjoy a good reputation which will help in creating a positive impact for on sales and customer satisfaction levels.

Fair Employment is also the right thing to do.

Hire on merit, be a fair employer.

Matex is a progressive company that is committed to make the organization one of the best places in the world to work in!