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Shaping The Future

Business Strategy

To have a sustainable future, it is imperative to be innovative. Our driving force to be one of the world’s most innovative enterprise, as an integrated and global specialty chemical company with strong focus on the clean colour science segment; propels us to constantly confront dynamic challenges together with our global network of partners and suppliers to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions. R&D is the core of Matex’s business strategy.

Technology management at Matex is explicitly oriented to the requirements of the customers and markets. This also includes the early technical and economical understanding of forward-looking technologies and future markets across the whole value-creation chain and the development of solutions based on the core competencies of Matex. This secures long-term growth, competitiveness and forward-looking capabilities for us and our customers.

At Matex, successful partnerships require a respect for diversity, the environment and sustainability, and we seek those values in our agencies, business partners and suppliers.

Practical Innovator
Practical Innovator

Supported by our team of multi-disciplinary specialists, researchers and scientists in our network of R&D centres in Singapore and China, we continue to push for new applications, products and systems. This is how we ensure our long-term business success with chemistry-based solutions for the industries we serve.

We also keep our knowledge base up-to-date by tapping into ongoing developments through linkages and collaborations with internationally-recognised research experts, reputable universities and renowned research institutions worldwide.

Our proprietary technologies have been commercialised into a comprehensive range of systems and applications in response to changing needs. We are continuously introducing sustainable solutions onto the market which significantly contribute to improving quality of life and conserving resources such as water or energy.

Your Partner of Choice
Your Partner of Choice

Matex wants to be your partner of choice because we believe more value can be created in effective collaboration with the right partners than we could achieve alone. To foster effective collaborations, we continually seek to understand how our needs and capabilities can be aligned with our partners’ to build our businesses together. This thus presents opportunities to connect technology and capabilities across categories and global regions in unexpected ways to foster disruptive innovations that change the game.

Some of the areas we can work together includes but not limited to; design, distribution, business & marketing models, licensing, and technology research, innovations that can help increase the demand, reach and sales of our brands.