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Matex Innovation Excellence System

At Matex we have started to work on and continue to refine our methodology to systematically look for and develop the products of tomorrow. It forms a key corporate initiative and guideline to strengthen Matex's innovation capabilities to achieve sustained profitable growth and become a recognized leader in innovative solutions in the specialty chemical industry.

In order to achieve this vision, the system provides innovation process blueprints and tools, builds capabilities, and fosters an innovation culture to translate knowledge into viable commercial solutions better and faster.


Special emphasis is placed on processes and tools for systematically uncovering unmet needs and translating them into new products and services that enable our customers to address significant challenges better and more conveniently than currently possible. Read More

The initiative was developed to ensure that opportunities coming from customer needs as well as those coming from new technologies are captured. The process ensures leveraging cross functional teams early on. A central team in business development supports innovation projects within the group to ensure a cross-business perspective.

Our success is driven by research. Open Innovation acts as one such enabler.

We pursue open innovation: together with other innovative companies, we can package different competences, develop best practices and work on sustainable products and solutions. Co-operations with outstanding and enterprising inventors are another important source of innovations. They enable us at Matex to gain access to new technologies and new areas of business.


In return, we offer the inventor the opportunity to cooperate in close-to-practice research projects and thereby create added value for society by developing innovative solutions. This is why we maintain close relations with many universities and research institutes around the world and participate in nationally and internationally sponsored projects wherever possible. One example of innovative cooperation is the joint operation of laboratories together with partners from academia.