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Matex 2020 Global Research Platforms Set-Up

Matex 2020 Global Research Platforms Set-Up

By 2020, Matex aims to generate more than 25% of sales with products that will have been on the market for less than 10 years. The basis for these innovations is effective and efficient research and development. 


To achieve this ambitious goal, we are further restructuring and developing the research organization to bundle our competencies across three global platforms:

  • Enhancing Clean Color Science Research with headquarters at Matex’s Global Innovation Centre in Singapore, starting January 2015
  • Establishing Advanced Materials Research with headquarters at Matex’s Innovation Centre Asia Pacific in Shanghai by 2016
  • Energising current Process Research & Chemical Engineering Competence Centres in Singapore & China Shanghai

The strong links and presence of these platforms will create new opportunities for building up and expanding customer relationships and scientific co-operations. All research platforms will be established to support the R&D needs of Matex’s customers. This will strengthen and also increase our attractiveness as a partner and an employer in the regions.