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Your Competitive Edge


Delivering a continuous pipeline of technologically advanced and effective applications of solutions at economical values remains at the heart of our brand promise.

More importantly we need to work closely to gain a strategic and strong understanding of your markets and priorities so that together we can anticipate your needs for the future and develop solutions to offer you the competitive edge while increasing your industrial efficiencies.

Matex with our available best-in-class customer service and technical expertise will then work hand in hand with you to implement the agreed solutions. It is important to us that the results the solution delivers, maintain on-time delivery, be reliable and are consistently high quality so that you can focus on your customers’ needs. We aim further to help reduce costs, shorten lead times and meet eco-specifications. Together this forms yours and our competitive advantage.

Textiles & Fashion – Weaving a better industry


Higher production costs, demand for quality, more efficient use of resources, and environmental legislation present timeless challenges for the textile industry. Matex aims to help mills and laundries improve operations by providing revolutionary products.

Tailoring the fabric of change

Drawing on our substantial experience and strong competencies in R&D and customer solutions, we continue to deliver highly effective products while offering unwavering support especially in the wet-processing textiles with our chemistry. Our solutions can decrease dependence on chemicals, lower consumption of energy and water, and bring down costs – all while maintaining superior product quality. These multifaceted benefits capitalize on the unique opportunities presented to stay abreast of industry trends. That contributes to creating a better industry and world.


Could Megapro be the key?


Megapro – Gives you increased industrial efficiency and product improvements with significant cost savings. This thus allows the achievement of more efficient use of your raw materials, reduce your energy consumption, replace traditional chemicals with more sustainable alternatives, and offer higher-quality products to your customers. With not only greener production methods but also more economically efficient and effective alternatives to traditional processes you can run efficient, cost-effective, and simplified operations. Read More


At Your Service.


Throughout the entire textile supply chain, Matex plays a key role with special chemicals for pretreatment, dyeing, printing and finishing of textiles from fiber to finish. Our product packages can enhance the properties of apparel and other textiles in applications as diverse as high fashion, home textiles and special technical textiles.

Key Markets:
  • Apparel – Includes clothing of all types and fashions
  • Home textiles – Such as towels, drapes, linens, and furniture fabrics
Key Products:
  • Megafix® – Reactive dyes for cellulosic coloration
  • Megaperse® – Disperse dyes for the highest wash and light fastness requirements
  • Megawhite® – Optical Brightening agents for fabrics
  • Mesoft and Metreat – Innovative finishes for functional effects
  • Super and Supergard – The next generation of wrinkle free plus soil and stain

Services as a next stage

Next Stage

Our specialist assistants currently provide color matching, recipe and process costings, trend monitoring and concepts, to ensure that customers generate greater value from their products.

Matex is committed to supporting brands, retailers and their industry partners with fast and innovative global solutions. Matex has an integrated approach to the textile supply chain. We not only will work with brands and retailers at the design and specification stages of product development but also with the mills who process the fabrics that are required to meet the shade, fastness and ecological requirements.

Sustainable System of Color Solutions

Through the possibilities of creating colour inspirations, close communication and realization tools for apparel brands and retailers in the fashion and sportswear sectors, Matex dyes and chemical auxiliaries are covered by Matex’s commitment and compliance to Responsible Care and various recognized eco standards. It is our commitment to keeping undesirable hazardous chemicals out of supply chains and part of our roadmap to meeting ZDHC (Zero Discharge Hazardous Chemicals).

Responsible Partnerships

We provide support in the communication of RSL (Restricted Substances List) requirements and back up the supply chain through joint supplier seminars and training, audits and practical recommendations. It is a combined effort through which Matex aims to assist brands, retailers and industry partners to improve compliance, reduce their environmental impact and to optimize cost.

Ecology Safety

We work with reliable eco testing competence centres where required, to ensue compliance and accreditation.